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Village Enterprises, Inc. is a small Human Services Agency in Ames, Iowa serving adults who qualify for Habilitation services. The agency was established in September 2004 with the purpose to provide quality services to families whose lives had been impacted by a loved one with a mental illness.

Gayle Higginbotham, owner, is a Licensed Bachelor’s Degree Social Worker with the State of Iowa. She has worked in the Social Work field for 36 years in the states of Maryland, California, Colorado, and Iowa. She is a single mother who has adopted 2 children; her son has a diagnosis of ADHD, Schizoid-typal Personality Disorder, and High Functioning Autism.

The agency employs 13 Skills Specialists. They are passionate and help to teach the families researched-based interventions.

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Program Descriptions

Home-based habilitation consists of individualized services and supports that assist with the acquisition, retention, or improvement of skills related to living in the community.

These services are provided in the member’s home or community and assist the member to reside in the most integrated setting appropriate to the member’s needs. Services are intended to provide for the daily living needs of the member and can be provided at any time of day or night that is necessary to meet the member’s needs. This includes the following supports:

♦ Adaptive skill development
♦ Assistance with activities of daily living
♦ Community inclusion
♦ Transportation (except to and from a day program)
♦ Adult educational supports
♦ Social and leisure skill development
♦ Personal care
♦ Protective oversight and supervision

Eligibility: The individual meets at least one of the following risk factors:
  • Has undergone or is currently undergoing psychiatric treatment more intensive than outpatient care, more than once in a lifetime (e.g., emergency services, alternative home care, partial hospitalization or inpatient hospitalization).
  • Has a history of psychiatric illness resulting in at least one episode of continuous, professional supportive care other than hospitalization.
In addition, the person has a need for assistance typically demonstrated by meeting at least two of the following criteria on a continuing or intermittent basis for at least two years: 
  • Is unemployed, or employed in a sheltered setting, or have markedly limited skills and a poor work history.
  • Requires financial assistance for out-of-hospital maintenance and may be unable to procure this assistance without help.
  • Shows severe inability to establish or maintain a personal social support system.
  • Requires help in basic living skills such as self-care, money management, housekeeping, cooking, or medication management.
  • Exhibits inappropriate social behavior that results in demand for intervention.
The individual has to be Title 19 eligible.
The individual can receive Habilitation services & Waiver services simultaneously.
Age Range: Children to Adults.

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